• Ciauri Media brings you over twenty-five years of major market Network TV News production, reporting and photography experience. We use the very latest TV network news quality equipment, lighting, graphics and integration of visual content, interviews and music. At Ciauri Media the videographers and editors are veteran TV News photographers with years of local or network experience at either NBC, CBS or ABC News. We do more than just give you soundbites and generic video - our collective experience allows us to tell your story in a powerful way that compels your audience.

    Stacey Ciauri has been working as a Network TV News Reporter for NBC Bay Area News for the past 7 years. She is an award-winning TV News Reporter/Producer with over 20 years of experience including NBC Bay Area News and KRON-TV in San Francisco, WPIX-TV Ch 11 in New York, and CBS4 News in Miami. Stacey has received multiple Emmy Award nominations for breaking news coverage of major international stories and investigations. Stacey's experience in covering compelling stories has led her to do the same with documentaries and videos for the non-profit sector, businesses and schools.

    Richard Goudeau is a veteran videographer with over twenty years in network television production. Richard has a keen eye and a skill for telling stories with his images. Ciauri Media has provided a perfect platform to showcase his best work.

    Craig Southern has been working on projects as a videographer/editor with Stacey since 1996. What Craig enjoys most about being a network news and cable news cameraman is: "Being able to witness events and meet people from all walks of life".."The goal for me is to be able to recognize the special moments in a person's story, capture it, and share the moment with a larger audience."